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Feuerhand Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions on a daily basis at Feuerhand about the company, the brand and our products.  We gathered the most frequently asked questions to establish the following list and supplied some helpful answers. In case of further questions please write us a note via our contact form.

Where can I buy Feuerhand products?

Please contact a retailer whom you trust. Many of our partners also sell our products online. Or you can order directly in our Feuerhand online shop.

Can I order spare parts for all of the Feuerhand lantern models?

No. Since 1989 the cold blast lantern Feuerhand Baby Special 276 is the only model that is produced. That is why we offer only spare parts such as glass cylinders, burners and wicks for the model Feuerhand Baby Special 276.

How can I properly operate and care for my Feuerhand hurricane lantern?

Please read our user manual carefully. You will find in it tips and tricks on how to use the lantern properly. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

What fuel should I use for my Feuerhand lantern?

We recommend using pure odorless and colorless lamp oil (paraffin oil/ kerosene), such as Petromax Alkan.

Is the Feuerhand hurricane lantern “made in Germany”?

Yes. Since 1893 Feuerhand is a German brand and the hurricane lanterns are manufactured in Germany.

Can you sell one of my old Feuerhand lanterns?

No, we do not purchase second-hand lanterns. Furthermore we only sell new goods.